Easy teething remedies

August 6, 2016

A baby with flushed cheeks is a tell-tale sign that the teething stage has started. If your little one is fussier than usual, is dribbling a lot and cries throughout the night here are nine ways to soothe their teething pain the natural way:

  1. Try to distract your baby with a new game, a shiny toy or a story.
  2. Give your baby the end of a cold carrot to gnaw on.
  3. Offer a chewy bagel or a piece of bread that your little one can bite down on.
  4. Rub a clean finger over your baby's gums to alleviate teething pain -- the oressure helps to reduce discomfort.
  5. Soak a clean washcloth in water and place it in the freezer. Allow your baby to bite down on the icy grooves created in the material. The cold ridges will numb the gums and curb the pain.
  6. Go out for a walk. The fresh air and the sight of the green trees will take your baby's mind off the pain.
  7. Give your baby a cold teething ring to bite down on.
  8. Put some ice cubes in a mesh feeder -- the freezing ice will desensitise the gums.
  9. Breastfeed your baby to offer instant comfort. Your milk will help your bubba to relax and calm down even when they're at their fussiest.


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