Easy ideas to make the Bank Holiday fun for the children

April 28, 2016

The Bank Holiday is nearly here! If you haven't got any plans yet and want to make the three-day weekend a memorable one for the kids without spending a fortune here's how:

  1. Do something different. Why not head outside for breakfast? Visit a local cafe or simply take your corn flakes into the garden if the weather permits. Make some breakfast sandwiches and a flask of tea before going to the park for a spot of outdoor brekkie, fresh air and exercise. Getting out early will also ensure that you make the most of the day!
  2. Turn off your phone. Children love attention and our phones can occasionally take us away from enjoying the present moment. Switch off your phone and have a digital-free weekend where the kids can enjoy your uninterrupted company.
  3. Camp out in the garden! As long as you've got a tent and a couple of sleeping bags you can organise a last minute camping trip in your back yard. The benefit is that you'll still be close to all your home comforts as well as be able to sleep under the stars.
  4. Go for an afternoon swim. Visit the local pool and take the kids for a dip. Time it for the afternoon and by the time you've finished and had your evening meal your children will be pooped and ready to hit the sack, giving you some 'me time' for the night.....
  5. or let the kids stay up past their bedtime and watch a movie together with popcorn and snacks. Younger children especially adore being allowed to stay up when it gets dark. And they'll probably nod off on the sofa before you know it anyway so it's a win win situation!





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