Easter game ideas for kids

March 24, 2016

Try some of these fun activities with the kids over the Easter break:

  1. An egg hunt! Yes, this is an oldie but it’s also a goodie! Hide chocolate eggs in the garden (or in the house if the weather is bad) and set a timer so that the kids have to find them all before the buzzer goes off. If you’ve got the extra time why not come up with a set of clues and set the game up like a treasure hunt?
  2. Egg painting! You’ll need some hard boiled eggs and some art supplies, like crayons, felt tips or paints. Get extra creative by using some PVA glue and decorate your eggs with dried pasta, rice or lentils for a spot of 3D artistry.
  3. Make a papier mache bunny. Cover a balloon with glue and strips of newspaper. Once dry add some bunny ears to the top and a pair of feet at the bottom made of thick cardboard. Paint everything white, add some googly eyes, a pink nose and a set of whiskers to complete your Easter bunny.
  4. Egg and spoon race! Perfect for when the weather is at its best, egg and spoon races are easy to set up and great fun for the kids. If you’ve got a toddler then perhaps use boiled eggs to prevent a messy clean-up afterwards.
  5. Get baking! Yes it can be a lengthy process making hot cross buns but it’s also oodles of fun for smaller children because they get to be messy and do some kneading. They’ll love helping you pipe the crosses on the top. 
  6. Egg throwing! This is not as messy as it sounds! Stand close to your child, gently throw an egg into their hands and allow them to throw it back to you. Then widen the gap a little and try again, each time widening the gap further, until the egg breaks. The one with egg on their hands is the loser.


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