Curbing your child's eczema this Christmas

December 22, 2016

Why does your child's eczema get worse over Christmas? It's probably a combination of the dry air, the effects of central heating and overdoing it on the sugary party foods.

Here are some useful tips for avoiding a flare up over the party season:

  1. Kid going to a Crimbo fancy dress party? Avoid synthetic materials and opt for breathable fabrics like cotton. Bin those itchy tights and choose cotton leggings instead. Always make sure your bubba wears something soft and natural underneath their fancy dress outfit.
  2. Keep an eye on your child's sweetie consumption. The chocolate from an advent calendar is all part of the fun at Christmas but don't allow them to eat an entire bag of candy when you know it will exacerbate the itch. Stash away the sweets and dole them out for good behaviour (using Santa as an excuse!).
  3. The kids might be on holiday but you should still maintain their regular nap and bedtime routine. Eczema can flare up among kids that feel tired and irritated. Plus, they're more likely to scratch when they are exhausted and tetchy.
  4. Wash your little one's hands with a mild soap, like Baby's Pure Shea Butter Soap, after completing Christmas crafts like making sticky greetings cards or baking cookies. A gentle soap with a moisturising element will prevent their hands from becoming dry and feeling sore.
  5. Eczema can also accompany asthma -- get an artificial tree instead of a real one to avoid allergies to pine resin.



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