Coping with pregnancy worries

May 28, 2017

Worried about the health of your baby? Anxious about the upcoming tests, scans and birth? You're not alone. Many women feel anxious during their pregnancy about eating right, caring for their body, work commitments, maternity leave and money. Here are seven ways to ease some of that pregnancy stress:

  1. Take a healthy approach to your diet. Drink plenty of water, eat high fibre foods to stave off constipation and snack on nuts, seeds and fruits to keep your energy levels up and nausea at bay. Salty, fatty and oily foods can encourage indigestion, making you feel uncomfortable and bloated -- this is especially troubling at night because it makes it harder to get to sleep. Choose things that settle your stomach, like dry crackers and ginger tea.
  2. Cut back on things that stress you out. This can include anything from chores and overtime to spending time with negative personalities that zap away your energy.
  3. Talk to someone. Your partner, a friend or even your midwife will be happy to hear about your pregnancy anxieties. Offload onto them and allow them to help you make sense of your fears and concerns.
  4. Make time for yourself to unwind. Self care is extra important during pregnancy because your mood has a direct impact on your health and the wellbeing of your growing baby. Start by taking care of your body -- take long soaks in the tub, nourish your skin with a rich moisturiser and condition your hair. These small steps can go a long way in lifting your mood.
  5. Get enough sleep. Unwind in the hour before bedtime by reading a book, turning the lights low and relaxing in bed. A full night of sleep can ease some of the worries of the day before and give you the energy to keep going.
  6. Turn off your notifications. Constant updates on your phone from social media and news apps can add extra tension to your day, filling your head with things you don't need to worry about. Stop checking your phone religiously and try giving yourself a digital detox for a few days.
  7. Make a plan. Create a birth plan if you're worried about labour and talk to your employer about your maternity leave in advance. Map out a plan for your return to work if it's something that's worrying you and lay out your financial/savings goals. Once all that's out of the way you can focus on enjoying your pregnancy.


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