Bonding with your baby before the birth

September 26, 2016

Getting to know your baby before birth feels natural for many mums-to-be but for others it can seem a bit foreign. Here's how to get started if you feel a bit weird about talking out loud to your baby bump:

Try pre-natal massage

Massaging your baby bump with a moisturising oil helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, it also gives you a few minutes each day to communicate with your baby, collect your thoughts and think positively about your pregnancy and the upcoming birth. The more relaxed you are, the more calming hormones will be released into your bloodstream and increase your feelings of wellbeing.

Mix up the music

If you play the same song every evening, your baby might respond to it by kicking or moving around more during the later stages of your pregnancy. After the birth the same song might help them to feel secure and safe just like they felt in mama's tummy. Experiment with different songs to see what has an effect on your little one.

Jump for joy

Do something that you love every day of your pregnancy to improve your mood. Uplifting activities will heighten your sense of wellbeing and have a direct impact on the health of your baby. Light exercise can also be wonderful for releasing happy hormones into your system -- just remember to take it easy and to avoid overexerting yourself.


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