Baby weaning: first food ideas

March 27, 2016

Once your baby has reached the six month mark you can start introducing solid foods into their diet. Here are some simple ideas on the types of foods you might like to begin with:

  1. Soft fruits. Mashed pears, bananas and raspberries make the perfect first foods because they taste sweet and have a soft texture. Plus there’s very little prep involved! All you need is a fork (or your hands). In fact if you’re keen on baby-led weaning you might like your little one to use their own hands to feed themselves!
  2. Baby rice. This type of rice is ground very finely so that it’s got a smooth texture that baby can easily digest. Some parents like to mix breast milk or formula milk into the rice so that it has a familiar, comforting taste. However, it’s safe to give baby’s cow’s milk in their food after 6 months but not as their main drink. Once your baby is a year old you can then offer cow’s milk as their main drink if you like (or continue to breastfeed).
  3. Yoghurt. Plain yoghurt, blended with mashed fruit, is great for babies because it’s mild and creamy like milk. Don’t add honey to the yoghurt because it can contain spores of a bacteria that can cause a condition called infant botulism. Wait until your baby is a year old before offering honey.
  4. As your baby gets used to eating these first foods you can begin to introduce other mild flavours like chicken, cooked eggs and stronger-tasting green veggies. In fact, if your baby wants to try something you’re having it’s good practise to let them try a little; the more flavours they are introduced to at an early age, the greater the chance that they’ll grow to like them as they get older. Try using herbs in your cooking, or even add mild spices like cumin that are flavourful but not hot on the tongue, to make foods more interesting.


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