Baby sleep checklist

August 19, 2016

"How do I get my baby to sleep" must be one of the most Googled phrases of all time. After all, it's still a mystery to many of us parents who've spent hours trying to get our kids to get some shut eye.

Here are a few simple ideas on what to try, even though we can't guarantee they'll work:

  1. Stick to a routine, like bath, bed and book, to create sleep triggers. These little signals will help your baby to realise that bedtime has arrived.
  2. Create a peaceful space by turning the lights down low, reducing noise and maintaining a comfortable room temperature.
  3. Sing a lullaby.
  4. Scent the room with a relaxing fragrance using our Snooze Room Drops. A blend of sleepy-time flower and herbal oils, these fragrant drops encourage a restful and untroubled night of sleep for your bubba.
  5. Introduce a wind down time by turning off your TV and phone an hour before bedtime. Older babies can become overstimulated by cartoons and find it hard to settle when bedtime arrives so make it easier for them by creating a quiet environment. 
  6. Make sure your baby's tummy is full by offering a feed. Then help your little one to ease the pain of gas by burping them straight after. Some babies can wake up again very soon after nodding off because of trapped wind.
  7. Comfort your baby with a cuddle. This will help your child to feel secure, safe and loved. 
  8. Try baby massage to gently relax your bubba and lull them to sleep.


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