Baby skincare at swimming

August 25, 2017

Babies have a natural affinity with water and swimming is one of the few physical activities they can enjoy from birth. Swimming classes for mother and baby help tots to improve their co-ordination, strengthen the respiratory system and encourage regular sleep patterns. Plus, it's fun to see your bubba take to the water so effortlessly.

If you'd like to take your newborn swimming wait until at least six weeks have passed from the birth to protect yourself from infection and ensure you're recovering well. Your little one can go swimming with dad or another relative until you're ready to hit the pool.

Protecting your baby's skin from the chlorine in the swimming pool is important too, especially if your tot has eczema or other dry skin conditions. Here's what to do to safeguard your newborn's skin during a swim:

  1. Choose a swimming class that's specifically designed for babies. The water in these pools will be slightly warmer than other pools because babies lose heat quickly and are still learning to regulate their temperature.
  2. Apply Baby's Everything Body Balm to your child's skin just before a swim to create a moisturising barrier against the drying effects of chlorine. Make sure to blend the balm in well -- the non-greasy formula is absorbed quickly and you'll be able to hold on to your child safely in the pool without the risk of slipping.
  3. If your baby begins to shiver or starts to look tired or fussy it's definitely time to step out of the pool. Remember, even just a few minutes in the water can tire out a newborn so look for clues that your child has had enough.
  4. Remove as much pool water from your baby's skin as possible by showering well immediately after your dip in the pool. A gentle cleanser, like Baby's Pure Shea Butter Soap, is ideal because it's mild formula is perfect for use ondelicate skin. Follow up with another touch of Baby's Everything Body Balm to replenish lost moisture.


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