A natural dandruff remedy that works

November 11, 2016

Although dandruff isn't harmful it can be embarrasing, especially when it makes the collar on your black coat look like a miniature version of the Himalayas.

Dandruff occurs when the skin cells on the scalp flake off because they've become too dry (often as a result of common skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis). Moisturising the scalp with a hydrating oil can combat this dryness and reduce the speed at which the old skin cells fall away and appear as dandruff on your shoulders.

Formulated for tots, Baby's Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil is designed to treat the younger version of dandruff, known as cradle cap. However, the absorbable blend of vitamin-enriched oils is perfect for grown ups too! Simply warm up the oil in your hands before applying it to your hair and scalp to alleviate itchiness and soothe irritation. The Organic Amaranth Seed Oil will reduce inflammation and the Borage Seed Oil will treat moisture loss associated with dry skin.

Wash the oil off after 20 minutes for a quick remedy to an itchy scalp or leave it on overnight for an extra injection of moisture.


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