9 things every new mum experiences

April 4, 2016

  1. Your phone is full of pics and videos of your sleeping newborn.
  2. It takes an extra hour to get out of the house because you have to factor in feeds and nappy changes and packing a baby bag.
  3. You can't go anywhere without spare onesies and blankets.
  4. Your pram has a million bags hanging off the handles with snacks and emergency diapers.
  5. Every cup of tea you make goes cold because you don't have an uninterrupted five minutes to yourself to drink it. 
  6. You're learning which high street shops have the best baby changing facilities; it's a new world that you've never experienced before and you're overwhelmed when you find nursing rooms with relaxing rocking chairs and bottle heating equipment where you can rest and regroup.
  7. Box sets are perfect for when baby is cluster feeding and leaving the sofa is impossible.
  8. Shopping with a stroller takes longer because you have to use the lifts that always seem to be situated in far away hidden corners...
  9. however, you've mastered the art of pushing a pram and can get off buses and trains backwards without breaking a sweat.


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