8 fun ways to teach spelling

January 3, 2017

Reading and spelling are often forgotten about over the Christmas and New Year period as we all focus on family, fun and festivities. Here are some super-fun ways to get your kids back up to speed with their literacy skills now that they're back at school:

  1. Cook up some extra pasta on spaghetti bolognese night and ask your child to use the strands to spell out some words. All you need is a clean table and a cloth to tidy up with afterwards.
  2. Take some colourful chalk into the garden or the park and spell words together over the pavement cobbles.
  3. Write tricky words onto post it notes and dot them around the house. Then take one away and ask your child to remember what it was.
  4. Put some sugar, rice or porridge in a large box and tell your child to use their finger to spell out some words. Then shake up the box and start all over again.
  5. Alphabet fridge magnets! 
  6. Use alphabet cookie cutters to spell words together. Better yet, see if your child can read the easier parts of the recipe and instruct you on what to do next.
  7. Condensation on your windows? Use them to trace words with your fingers. You can even use the shower screen at bath time!
  8. Get your child to play teacher and you be the student -- get some words wrong on purpose so the teacher can correct your mistakes.

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