7 diet tricks to stop morning sickness

April 27, 2016

So you've got morning sickness and it seems to be lasting ALL day. The good news is that for most pregnant women morning sickness does come to end around the three month mark. Meanwhile you can try to curb your nausea by following some of these simple diet changes:

  1. Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than three big meals to prevent indigestion. Snacking regularly can also help to reduce headaches and energy lows.
  2. Avoid spicy and fatty foods that can trigger heartburn and sickness.
  3. Choose dry snacks like crackers, toast and breadsticks to keep your energy levels up without encouraging nausea Go for wholegrain versions to keep your fibre levels up and reduce the risk of developing piles later on in your pregnancy.
  4. Drink stomach-settling beverages like green/chamomile/ginger tea. However, opt for decaffeinated versions to keep your caffeine level down.
  5. Try adding citrus to your salads and meals, such as a spritz of lemon or lime juice. The tangy flavour will cut through fat and make everything taste lighter and fresher.
  6. Ice lollies and even a few simple cubes of ice can keep nausea at bay and keep you hydrated.
  7. Avoid eating a big meal before bed, which can increase indigestion and make it harder to get to sleep. If you're well rested you're morning sickness is less likely to put a dampener on your entire day.

Certains smells and fragrances can also trigger morning sickness. Switch to unscented skincare products, available in our baby range, to stave off nausea.


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