6 ways to keep busy during early labour

September 23, 2016

Yes we know what you're thinking. Why would anyone want to keep busy during early labour? Isn't that the time when you try to breathe through the pain and lie down on the sofa?

Well, for most women the very early stages of labour aren't as painful as you might think.  During this period, also known as the latent phase, it's normal to experience twinges or early contractions that feel a bit like mild cramps. This occurs because the cervix is slowly beginning to widen and prepare itself for the birth.

Midwives recommend that women should stick to their normal routines and stay home during early labour because it's simply too early to head to the hospital. Staying active, instead of sitting down or lying on the bed, can also help labour to progress quicker. Here are 6 more ways to encourage a snappier labour:

  1. Take a walk around the block instead of putting your feet up.
  2. Run a warm bath to take the edge off your contractions.
  3. Swing your hips while you do the ironing (yes this sounds boring but staying upright and moving from side to side will speed up your labour)
  4. Stay hydrated and take regular sips of water or juice to keep your energy levels up.
  5. Listen to some soothing music to get your mind in a positive place.
  6. Go grocery shopping or hit the high street for some retail therapy. It will help the time to pass quicker and give you something to focus on.



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