5 ways to tackle eczema

August 20, 2016

Itchy eczema can be unbearable, especially if you've developed it on the face and the bends of the elbows and knees. If left untreated, patches of eczema can become painful, sore, weepy and even start to bleed from excessive scratching. Once the skin barrier is damaged it can lead to infections too.

Here are five ways to manage your eczema symptoms and relieve that uncomfortable itch:

Avoid perfumed products

Synthetic perfumes, additives and alcohol found in skincare products can dry out the skin and exacerbate eczema. In some cases they can make the skin sting and trigger a flare up. Try to use unscented cleansers and soaps, like Baby's Pure Shea Butter Soap, to safeguard your skin from that tell-tale itch.

Take quick showers

Long hot baths will remove the moisture from your skin and make it feel much drier. Instead opt for quick showers in warm water and moisturise immediately after without drying your skin first.

Moisturise daily

The key to managing eczema is to keep the skin hydrated, soft and supple. Moisturise your skin every day to reduce dryness and continue to do so even when you think the dry patches have healed and the skin has returned to normal. You must prevent a recurrence by staying on top of your moisturising routine.

Switch your shampoo

Have you got eczema on your back? It may be that your shampoo is making it worse. Switch to a natural, mild shampoo that's free from mineral oils and parabens.

Keep cool

Sweating during the hot weather or at the gym after a workout can make eczema worse. Keep yourself cool by wearing cotton clothing and showering as often as you can in cool water to limit perspiration.



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