5 ways to reduce pregnancy scars

September 1, 2017

Stretch marks are wonderful reminders of the miracle of pregnancy and birth. However, once our bundles of joy have been delivered, lots of us want to get our bodies back to how they used to be. Here's how to reduce pregnancy scars and stretch marks:

  1. Positive pregnancy test? Start moisturising your baby bump, thighs and breasts as early as you can to prep your skin and make it as supple as possible. When your bubba begins to grow, your tummy will be able to stretch more comfortably to make room.
  2. Don't wait until stretch marks have appeared to make a start with your moisturising routine. It's easy to be fooled into thinking you've bypassed developing scars because stretch marks don't tend to show until the final trimester. They also become particularly obvious to the eye after the birth once the skin has returned to it's pre-pregnancy state. Slather on the moisturiser as a precautionary measure even if stretch marks haven't appeared yet.
  3. The health of your skin will drastically improve by drinking lots of water. At least 6 glasses a day will add radiance and suppleness to your skin, making it easier for it to stretch as your baby grows. Keeping hydrated will also help to stave off common pregnancy complaints, like exhaustion, constipation and headaches.
  4. As challenging as it might feel, try to moisturise daily once the baby is born too. Just five minutes each morning will be enough to apply Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil to the skin; it's non-greasy and is absorbed quickly, leaving you with the rest of the day to tend to your little one.
  5. If you're breastfeeding you may find that your breasts grow in size after the birth as your milk ducts expand. Continue to moisturise them to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and alleviate dryness. Apply Mama's Calming Nipple Balm to the nipple area to reduce soreness and nourish the skin.


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