5 ways to de-stress when you're pregnant

July 30, 2016

The worries of pregnancy can take their toll on your mind and body. Many women struggle with physical ailments like swollen feet, piles, nausea and tiredness as well as mental concerns over the health of their baby, how they'll handle the pain of childbirth and how their career will be affected by motherhood.

Here are 5 simple ways to de-stress, allay your pregnancy anxieties and reduce tension:


Take time out from your schedule to sit alone and focus on your breathing. In times of stress it's useful to physically take yourself away from something that's troubling you in particular and simply take deep breaths in and out. The rythmic sound of your breathing can settle the mind.

Go for a walk

Being outside in the fresh air does wonders for lifting the mood. Give your thoughts some space and make sense of your worries in the great outdoors by walking round the block or taking a stroll in the park.

Speak to someone

If you're main worry is about something like your birth plan then speak to your midwife about it. If you're concerned about your workload talk to your boss. If you think your partner isn't lifting their weight around the house have a frank discussion about it. Getting things off your chest will relieve your stress and result in a happier pregnancy. Plus, the more information you have about giving birth and the more clued up you are about what's to come your way after the birth the better.

Get prepped

Lots of women feel like they've lost control of their body during pregnancy so take back that control and start organising your home for the new arrival. Set up the nursery, pack your baby bag, buy a carseat or write down your birth plan. Do a little something to help you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way.

Put the kettle one

A simple cup of tea can turn the entire day around. Put your feet up and allow yourself to take a break.


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