5 ways to care for your skin in pregnancy

June 28, 2016

Here are five simple ways to boost the health of your skin and make the most of your pregnancy glow:

  1. Use a hydrating body lotion in the shower, like Mama's 'Good As New' Bath & Shower Gel, that gently cleanses the skin without stripping away it's existing moisture.
  2. Apply a moisturising stretch mark oil each day to your baby bump to reduce dryness and the risk of developing stretch marks.
  3. For targeted moisturisation use Mama's Everything Body Balm. Apply to any dry spots, from the elbows and lips to cracked heels and swollen ankles. The rich formulation is especially effective on particularly dry skin and eczema-prone areas of the body because the ingredients are hypoallergenic and mild on sensitive skin.
  4. If you've got a little extra time to spend in the bathroom add some Mama's 'Me Time' Bath & Body Oil to the tub to create a moisturising treat for the skin that smells delicious! The trio of Melon, Organic Baobab and Shea Butter Oils quickly absorb into the skin, lending it a subtle radiance and shine. 
  5. When those swollen feet and ankles become too much to bear, massage the pain away with Mama's Soothing Leg & Foot Cream. The healing lotion contains anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera and stimulating Naiouli Oil to relieve itchiness and reduce water retention.


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