5 unusual uses for Mama's Everything Body Balm

June 9, 2016

Yes Mama's Everything Body Balm is a gorgeously rich moisturiser that conditions the skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and improves suppleness. But it's also all of these fab five things too:

  1. Eye shadow primer! Prep your eyelids for eye shadow and eye liner by rubbing on a small amount of Everything Body Balm. The moisture-rich formulation will eliminate dryness, which prevents eye shadow from cracking off. However, use just a tiny amount to avoid making the lids appear oily, unless you're going for a dewy look.
  2. After-sun balm! It's been super hot these past few days so if your skin has become red and inflamed apply a layer of Everything Body Balm over any angry areas to soothe and soften.
  3. Make-up remover! We've all had that moment where we've run out of cleanser but need to take off of our mascara to avoid morning panda eyes. Everything Body Balm makes a superb make-up remover because the blend of body butters clings to eye liner and gentle wipes off residual product. Simply apply a dab to some cotton wool and run over the eyes to get rid of eye make up or over the cheeks and chin to remove blusher, bronzer and highlighter. The other benefit is that each ingredient in Everything Body Balm is natural, so you can bypass all the chemical nasties found in highstreet make-up removers that can dry out the skin and exacerbate skin sensitivities.
  4. Cuticle softener and nail repairer. Rub Everythinng Body Balm over the fingernails and toenails to soften dry cuticles. Softening the cuticles first makes it easier to gently push them back so that you can apply nail polish and create the perfect manicure.
  5. Massage balm. If your muscles feel tight or you're just in need of a little TLC use Everything Body Balm as a healing massage balm. 


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