5 symptoms of pregnancy no one talks about

August 13, 2016

Everybody knows about morning sickness, exhaustion and swollen ankles but there are many more symptoms of pregnancy that don't get the attention they deserve:


Heamorrhoids are not pleasant but they are a very common symptom of pregnancy. The weight of a growing baby can cause the blood vessels in the anus to enlarge and feel painful, making it especially uncomfortable to visit the toilet. The good news is that they tend to go away after the baby is born!

Itchy skin

Lots of pregnant ladies get itchy skin as their baby bump grows. This is because the skin is being forced to stretch to make room for a growing baby and placenta. Luckily, mild itchiness can be treated with a moisturiser or soothing oil. Simply apply every day to boost the skin's suppleness or use whenever the need arises to immediately alleviate the itch.


You'll be carrying a lot more extra weight during pregnancy so you might find that you're sweating more than usual too. There will be many more demands on your body and the strain can make you perspire more.

Uneven pigmentation

Pregnancy hormones can make the skin become darker in patches. This is known as melasma, or the 'mask of pregnancy'. A line of darker skin may also run over the belly, across the navel and down towards the pubic bone known as the 'linea nigra', which will slowly fade away after the birth.

Changing nipples

As your due date grows closer you might find that the area around your nipples has grown and become darker. This happens because it makes it easier for a newborn baby to locate mama's breasts for a feed. You can prepare your nipples for breastfeeding by applying a moisturising nipple balm to the area.


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