5 reasons to switch to greener skincare

September 15, 2017

Natural moisturisers, like coconut oil and shea butter, have taken the spotlight as people wake up to the benefits of going green with their skincare. Isn't it about time you joined in?

Lighten the load on your skin.

How many cosmetic products do you use daily? From shampoo and body wash to moisturiser, foundation, lipsticks and perfumes, many of us are inadvertently layering a mix of absorbable chemicals onto our bodies. Give your skin a break from additives and perfumes by switching to alternatives that work in harmony with the skin's natural temperament.

Simplify your skincare for a speedier routine

Open your eyes to marketers that make skincare promises they can't deliver on. Do you really need everything that the magazines are showcasing as the next big beauty breakthrough? Probably not. Pare down your skincare routine and see how your skin reacts to the change. 

Revitalise your skin from the inside out

Long gone are the days when natural moisturisers and lotions were seen as poor alternatives to high street brands. Today's formulations use organic ingredients to create luscious blends that nourish, protect and soothe all skin types. Going natural isn't a step down; it's a step towards healthier skin that glows from the inside out. Check out some of our award-winning products here.

Don't be a slave to past favourites

Lots of us find a skincare product that works and stick with it for years. However, things like ageing, hormonal changes, pregnancy, illness and menopause can all have an effect on the health of our skin. Give your skin some breathing space and listen to its response. It might be time for a skincare update.

Save your pennies over the long term

Organic ingredients, like moistursing shea butter and natural oils tend to create richer products that last longer than chemical alternatives. For example, the thick texture of Mama's Everything Body Balm means you'll need only the smallest amount to moisturise your entire body. Invest in your skin and go green today.


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