5 rainy day activities for kids

January 14, 2017

It’s raining and the kids are going stir crazy trapped inside the house for the weekend. What can you do besides popping on the tv to keep them busy and you sane for the next 48 hours? Here are our ideas:

  1. Bake! We’re not talking about anything fancy here, so ditch that bundt pan and pull out some paper cases to make a simple batch of fairy cakes. When they’re done, organise a decorating competition with a touch of glace icing and some sprinkles – even crushed up cereal will do as a topping.
  2. Clean! This might sound ridiculous but smaller children like to spring clean. A feather duster and a cloth will keep them busy for a bit and they’ll feel useful too.
  3. Hide! Tuck a few treats under pillows and inside toy boxes and send the kids off on a treasure hunt. Whoever returns with the most empty wrappers is the winner.
  4. Bath! Run a huge bubble bath, get the kids in their cossies and give them a water pistol; perfect for Sunday evening.
  5. Den! Use the sofa cushions, a few chairs and some bedsheets to create an indoor den in the living room. All you need is a flashlight when it gets dark to create the perfect place to tell some ghost stories.


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