4 unusual uses for Mama’s Everything Body Balm

March 15, 2016

A moisturiser that's also a make-up remover, hand cream and hair gel.

Our champion moisturiser, Mama’s Everything Body Balm, is formulated to protect, soothe and soften dry skin with only the most natural of ingredients. Perfect for the face, hands, baby bump and feet, this nourishing moisturiser is super versatile and a fantastic investment for the health of your skin.

Here are 4 other uses for this healing balm that you might not know about:

  1. It’s a last-minute make-up remover! Run out of eye make remover and don’t want to wake up with panda eyes in the morning? Just dab a little Everything Body Balm on a cotton pad or tissue and use to wipe off eye shadow and mascara!
  2. It’s a nourishing overnight hand cream! Rub Everything Body Balm over your hands just before bed and pop on a pair of cotton gloves to aid absorption and soften and smooth dry hands.
  3. It’s a luscious lip balm! Slather a touch of Everything Body Balm over chapped lips to relieve soreness and protect yourself from the winter chill.
  4. It’s a hair product! If you can’t find your hair gel and need to tame those tresses use a touch of Everything Body Balm. It provides a light non-greasy hold that tames frizz and is perfect for short hair styles.


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