14 breastfeeding tips

November 3, 2017

Nursing your little one can be a challenge those first few days after birth. Here are our breastfeeding tips to help you make the best start:

  1. Use cushions to lift your newborn up towards your breast and avoid arm ache.
  2. Drink a glass of water as you feed to encourage milk production.
  3. Try to avoid having hot drinks at nursing time in case of spills. Use a travel mug with a lid to reduce the risk if you just have to have that cuppa!
  4. Keep snacks close by to keep your energy levels up! Nuts, dried fruit and crackers make fab portable snacks that won't go off quickly.
  5. Make a snack box for upstairs and downstairs so you aren't climbing up the steps while your body is healing after the birth.
  6. Experiment with different feeding positions, like the cradle hold and football hold to see which suits your baby best.
  7. Feed lying down to take pressure off your sore perinatal muscles.
  8. Got the hang of it? You might even be expert enough to feed your little one while they stay close to your body in a sling. It makes getting stuff done around the house easier and a bit of light walking can encourage a speedier recovery.
  9. Sit up straight against a backrest to provide support for your back. Slouching will only lead to back ache.
  10. Use a doughnut shaped cushion to relieve pressure on your muscles if you've had stitches.
  11. Feed on demand! Your newborn's tummy is the size of a tiny marble - it will fill up quickly but each feed will get used up fast too, which is why you might find that you seem to be nursing continuously.
  12. Baby won't settle even after hours of feeding and is only comfy on your breast? Your little one is encouraging milk production for the next day so don't be disheartened. Keep going! You can do it!
  13. A poor latch is usually the reason behind painful nipples. Click here to learn more about latching on.
  14. Apply Mama's Calming Nipple Balm over cracked nipples to alleviate soreness and create a protective barrier over the skin. It speeds up the healing process and makes the early stages of nursing bearable until you get the hang of it.


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